Even though you have attended school for most of your life, college differs greatly from what you have experienced. College means different things to each person, but the one thing it means for most people is more freedom. You had some restrictions in school which are no longer your worries. Here is a list of 10 of those.

1. You can leave anytime you can enter anytime. You can come early you can come late and no one will ever ask you why. No one will ever ask you where you were all day.

2. You don’t have to take lunch everyday unlike in school you had to take your tiffin with you even when they had something you didn’t like inside them.

3. No one asks you “Don’t you have any homework today?” This is the best thing ever.

4. Your parents don’t care about your tests, your exams, even your results. They only care to know if you have passed or not.

5. You can bunk anytime and no one will ever know about it! Unlike in school when your school used to send a text message to your parents saying “Your ward is absent from school. For further inquiries call the school office.”
6. You can eat anything! If you feel like eating a pizza you can simply hit the pizza hut. You are not stuck with the same old idli – sambars or chhole – bhatures or patties.

7. You can bunk right in front of your class. There is no need to hide in the washrooms or in the ground. Your teachers don’t even ask you to come in if you don’t want to.
8. Finish your assignments or not, it’s completely your own choice.

9. You can use cell phones in class more openly. No one will confiscate them. Getting cell phones to class is no longer a big deal.
10. Getting books to class in no longer a compulsion.

But remember, have fun, in limits. Do not be distracted by it.