In a new notice issued by the Department of Social Work under Delhi University, female students have been offered directions to “dress appropriately” while going to the Common Room Area. They have likewise been told to not indulge in any kind of “indecent behavior”.

The announcement was gone before by IIT Delhi issuing a notice requesting that its female hostellers wear “full covered good western or Indian dresses” on the event of House Day. The incident led to a shock among the students and was slammed as “moral policing”.

On a few past events, Delhi University has set up rules to hold under control every single female students. In March this year, International Students’ House for Women restricted its residents from leaving the premises from Sunday night to Monday evening ‘in perspective of their well being’.

A year ago, Hindu school of Delhi University issued a diktat asking its residents to dress in an “normal manner while going to the eating corridor and other basic spaces in the lodging and the college”. The notice, be that as it may, was pulled back upon a protest.