China might be having more under-30 multi-millionaires, but India is catching up fast. For these young entrepreneurs, driven by passion for their startups, age is not a limit to realize their true potential.

This new generation of entrepreneurs is taking the country to a new phase, a period classified with technological and economic advancements, and have been pivotal in inspiring and introducing the youth to take the big step.

Therefore, we bring to you the success stories of some of the youngest entrepreneurs of India, people who started out as nothing but made it big!


    1.  Bhavish Aggarwal

Heard about him? Bhavish Aggarwal is the CEO and co-founder of OlaCabs. OlaCabs was founded in 2010 by him and Ankit Bhati, both of them IIT-Bombay graduates. It took Bhavish one bad taxi ride from Bangalore to Bandipur to realize the plight of customers looking for quality cab service. That one event took him and his co-founder down the route to set-up OlaCabs.

In the initial fundraiser, OlaCabs received an angel funding of $300 million which enabled their dream to come true. Today OlaCabs has a valuation of $3.5 billion, and is spread across 100 cities with a network of 500,000 cars.


    2.  Harshvardhan Mandad

The co-founder and CEO of TinyOwl, a mobile first food delivery app based in Mumbai, Mandad is just 23 with barely a year of experience. A graduate from IIT-Bombay, he ventured out with four others from his college to start-up his own company.

“People make choices for eating somewhere after they decide on ‘what’ they want to eat. This is where we wanted to come in,” says Harsh. TinyOwl aims to develop a personal connection between people and food. It serves an average of about 2000 people per day, with hundreds of delivery boys scuttling across Mumbai. Again in Harsh’s words, “it is not very hard”.


    3.  Azhar Iqubal

CEO and founder of “News In Shorts”, Azhar is a IIT-Delhi dropout. The app is one the highest rated (4.6/5) in Google Playstore, and that too within just two years of its operation. News in shorts provides its users with short and crisp news in just 60 words!

According to Azhar, “Our focus is to deliver only what is required, the bare minimum. A single bit of extra information or facility will only give pain to a user. People are just not going to do a PhD to use your app. We always keep this philosophy in mind.”

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    4.  Ritesh Agarwal

Ritesh Agarwal is an Indian entrepreneur and Founder-CEO of OYO Rooms. He was also the first ever Asian to win the prestigious Thiel Fellowship 2013. He began his career by forming Oravel Stays as an aggregator of Bed and Breakfasts across India and then formed OYO Rooms to create India’s first branded standardized budget hotels network.

Aged 21, Ritesh started out into business early in his life, as early as at the age of 13, and went on to establish OYO Rooms. “The owners own and manage the hotels while we essentially provide training, standardisation of the product and marketing of these hotels, which is our main value addition to these properties.” says Ritesh Agarwal.


  5.  Albinder Dhindsa

Grofers is an app service which provides groceries, bakery items, fresh fruits & vegetables, personal care and baby care products, pet care items, electronic accessories and much more. And the CEO? Albinder Dhindsa, graduate from IIT-Delhi, holding MBA from Columbia University, Texas, happens to be the CEO of this hugely successful start-up.

This company was founded in December, 2013, by Saurabh Kumar and Albinder Dhindsa. Albinder also has a 3-year work experience of working in as head of international head in zomato. “We want to improve the experience of ordering from your local stores. The information about the store, the items they hold and the delivery times should be accessible easily to the user”, says Albinder.