If I ask, what do you mean by health? Many of your answers would be related to bodily wellness. We all consider ourselves fit and fine if we don’t have any prominent symptoms like fever, cold and cough, or physical illness like bone fractures or muscle ruptures. Let me tell you something, that’s not enough. You cannot call yourself fully fantastic until and unless you are happy and joyous from inside. Along with your body, your soul needs to be equally fulfilled and satisfied. Well actually, many dangerous diseases occupy our body due to unhealthiness of our internal spirit. All of us want to lead a satisfied and successful life. To be successful has become so important that health and happiness have been left very behind by everyone. Eating lots of medicines, and controlling diet or workout doesn’t really help you in becoming healthy. The exercises might gain you a beautiful body,  yet it is incapable of providing that supreme feeling of contentment we all need.

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As an individual person we face so many challenges and struggles. Of course we have to win them. We have to find our way out of storms of emotions. After all, life is all about battling and winning.
To be truly happy and content we need a quiet and sacred environment. Not outside, but inside ourselves. We have to control our stress hormones from jumping and playing with our body and mind. Stress hormones have developed an empire in our body. Slowly they are acquiring the control of our minds and consequently destroying our spirits.
Ok, think how many of you take rest other than sleeping? How many of you give yourself some time? How many of you think about you and your happiness on daily basis.? How many of you believe in meditation? How many of you laugh without any reason? How many of you smile with your heart and eyes? How many of you are actually good? Well, I know the number is very less and might be null. You have been running for so long. You are tired but don’t want to stop running. You are afraid, you might lose the game. And in this race, you have lost yourself. Don’t you want to find yourself, again?
Life is about finding yourself. Life is about playing, laughing and enjoying. And what we are doing? Exactly opposite. Guys, we need holistic health and wellness.
We require a type of healing which considers whole, the body, the spirit, the mind and the emotions in the quest for optimal health and wellness. People need to understand that life is not all about making money, name and fame. Our medical science used to focus only on the bodily functions of the person. If it’s ok, then everything is ok. Recently, some surveys and studies have proved that broken knees are easier to heal than broken hearts. And that’s why now a days doctors and scientists are paying concentrative attention to people’s minds and spirits too. Internal disease is initiated by depression and tensions.
Tensions were there, tensions are there and tensions will be there. We can’t stop them from coming or rather emerging. What we can do is to be holistically healthy so we’re completely prepared to face them with strong emotions. Yes, you surely feel happier outside when you will be happy and satisfied from inside. Every game is connected to heart and mind directly or indirectly. If the two important parts of our body are good than everything will seem to be good, otherwise nothing will feel good.
The importance of holistic health and wellness can be well understood by the grieved fact that many people are falling prey to lifelong depression and even worse some our dying of it. People commit suicides, get mad and the list of unfortunate consequences is endless.
So, with due respect and love I wish to request you all to take care of yourselves. If you are alive there exists a world. Don’t cost your life over anyone or anything.
Enjoy, have fun.

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