It’s that time of the year again when coaching centers will be crowded for career counseling and entrance exam preparations. For all those who are still  confused about their career and haven’t made a decision about the discipline they wish to opt for after class 12th,  I will be telling you about law and how it is an excellent career option !

Law is a promising career option, provided you have a passion for it. In the first 2 years of 5 years integrated programme (BA. LLB), you have to study humanities subjects like history, political science, sociology etc. People who love practical subjects may not like it since law is all about theory. Frankly, a student of law is usually found in a room cramming up stuff throughout the day.

But it’s a very interesting subject. Now-a-days the law aspirants have broken ‘litigation is the only option’ notion and take immense interest in various corporate houses, law agencies, administrative services and the list goes on. Legal profession is always regarded as an elite profession.

Perks of being in a Law School-

  1. You feel powerful because you have the knowledge of laws and thus people avoid messing up with you.
  2. If you’re the first member of your entire family to opt for law, you have that ‘monopoly’.
  3. You become desperate to acquire your degree ASAP because you have already plotted a plan in your mind to sue many people around.
  4. You get to show off your knowledge everywhere because it’s an integrated course and BA.LLB particularly offers you almost all social sciences.
  5. If you’re the only one in your friend circle who has opted for law, you’ll witness your friends saying “Talk to my lawyer”.
  6. You acquire the capability of reading a thousand page judgement in an hour and such documents are often regarded as ‘brief’.
  7. You easily get rid of mathematics.
  8. You render legal advice to people around and become ‘Cool’.

At the end of the day, nothing can beat the feeling of being dressed in a formal suit and being into a highly respected profession.