What is music? According to Wikipedia, music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound and silence. Someone greatly stated, “Music is life that’s why our hearts have beats”. Music with lyrics or music without lyrics, either ways it is a source of inspiration. Someone’s taste in music can totally define their personality. Just having a look at anyone’s playlist you can tell what’s going on in their life. You might have noted that taste in music changes with time, with situations and with our mood too. For example let’s say you are angry, high or pissed off by someone/something, automatically, you will go for high pitched loud raps hitting hardly in fraction of seconds on your mind.
If you wish to know about a person, instead of stalking him/her on facebook, instagram or other social sites stalk his/her mostly played playlist. Even you yourself can know about yourself by keeping an eye to your playlist.

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Music has great impacts on our life and wellbeing. For instance, if you prefer abstract music with abstract lyrics most probably you are an abstract thinker. If you listen to break-up songs you might have had your heart broken. And if you are fond of “Taare zameen par”  like songs you own a soft heart and side by side you are really passionate. You might not believe but by changing the items on your playlist you can actually change your perceptions. You should rather try this, delete all negative songs and download positive ones on their place, and in some time you will find yourself full of positivity and enthusiasm. Start appreciating dancing beats and you will see yourself enjoying the life.
People who listen to songs like,”Kar gyi chull” are more likely to be happy and positive or at least trying to be one.
Music with lyrics is one thing but music without lyrics is something special. It takes you to another world. You can fit in your words, your story in it. You can make it a positive or negative one. Instrumentals, especially the ones of which we have no idea about lyrics are proved to be most soothing ones. Try listening to instrumentals of,”Kaise mujhe tum mil gyi” of “Ghazini”, you will find it 100 times more impressive and 200 times more effective than before. There are many songs like,”kurbaan Hua”, whose instrumentals are just beyond what they are with lyrics.
You know, there is a reason why it is said, “If Eminem’s songs can’t help you move on, then no one can help you”. Music was the first thing appreciated and praised by people. Music attracts. Music cheers. Music relaxes. Music helps. Music comforts. Music listens. Music understands. Music can make you show the brighter side and on the other hand it can take you to the darker side. Be careful while deciding your playlist. Because yes, it will affect your life.
Among many phases of music, the best one is that, music is the loyal partner of all the times. Whether you are happy, sad, jealous, angry, high, and heart-broken or in love you will feel each and every emotion beautifully depicted, reflected and conveyed by different music. Music is the mot wonderful art ever created. Everyone has music in their mind and heart. Sometimes it’s different at two places and sometimes it’s the same. We just have to try to keep it same on mind as well as on heart for leading happy life.
When lyrics match to marvelous music, a beautiful song is generated.
At last, to conclude, I would like to say, “The story of your life is lyrics, your heart and mind forms great instruments, and your life, a wonderful music in its own.

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