Road trips are the ultimate stress relievers. Even better than fidget spinners tbh. My father always turns up his nose at trains and buses. Hence our family is accustomed to going on these long, beautiful road trips. Over the years I’ve come to realize that they have a serene, surreal feel to them. Here’s why you must take a break from your dreary daily existence.

  1. Helps you connect with nature

Lush green fields, swaying wheat crops like drunken men and the sun setting on the horizon amidst the pillows of orangish, red clouds- fall in love, not with humans, but with Mother Nature. Life is beautiful when you’re close to nature.

  1.   Rediscover yourself

Run away from your overwhelming daily routine occasionally to float uninhibited. Travel without a particular destination. Lose yourself in the fragrance of the wayside tea stalls. There’s a nomad underneath all of us. It will help you loosen up and clear the mess your life has become.

  1.   Travel with the companions of your choice

Spending a lot of time with the people of your liking will help you get rid of the disillusionment that you are faced with. Laugh away all your anxieties and worries. Sing to the beat of the fast winds that beat against your ears.

  1.    Enjoy yourself without incurring a noticeable pocket pinch

Road trips are underrated. Travelling in your own car, camping under the moonlight, eating at unassuming roadside motels and having some of the best bonding times of your life with the least of monetary requirements, what more can one ask for?

  1.     Put that phone camera to good use

You have an XYZ megapixel camera that you’ve never really used, except to take selfies in dim lighting or the DSLR that’s been lying on the back of the cupboard for too long, make use of it and get some excellent pictures to show off to your future generations.

  1.     Fall in love with yourself all over again

It is normal for people to lose touch with reality and become disappointed with life and what it has done to them. Such road trips help you reconnect with yourself and your surroundings. There’s nothing that great music and a beautiful scenery cannot do the human psyche.

  1.      Get the much-needed reflection time

Ever come across crossroads in life when you’re unable to think clearly as to which route to take? Go on a road trip and think as you watch the land and sky become one with the approach of the dusk. It will undoubtedly lead to you making the right decision.

  1.      Be receptive to new ideas

With the magical forces of nature at work, you might just get a new idea for a business venture or for your own personal life. So hold back nothing and lose yourself to the healing ability of the winds in these foreign places, unknown yet mysteriously beautiful.

  1.     Remember old times with your companions

Time travel back to the time when you were carefree and had no worries in the entire world, unlike now. Even though we know that that time ain’t coming back, you can relish old memories and probably shed a tear or two in the process.

  1.    Go over all the errors you’ve committed

Utilise this time to reflect at all the errors you committed and why. Figure out how to bring things back to normal or at least make amends. This will clear away the smoke of guilt in your mind and make you feel rejuvenated again.