People are buzzing!! The young gen is excited!! Reason?? It’s the upcoming launch of the ultimate flagship killer OnePlus5 in India, which will be showcased live in NSCI Dome, Mumbai tomorrow i.e. 22nd June.

The company OnePlus, based in China, has been a sort of favourites amongst the developer community. Since its inception,  the company focused on providing adaptive features and more developer-independence options thanks to its custom Android OS called “Oxygen”. But, thanks to the growing fanbase and constant development efforts by the company, it has come a long way to become one of the most sought after phones in the world. No wonder it competes with the likes of Apple and Samsung in terms of user acceptance and popularity.

Now,the company has already revealed its flagship OnePlus 5 in the US and Europe market, and the specs are already out for the enthusiasts to see. Here is a quick breakdown of the features present in the phone:

  • Form factor: OnePlus5 comes with a full metal body with a 7.25mm thickness, maintaining the thin profile as present in the current trend of phones. The build seems light enough (153g) to carry, and has a premium finish to it thanks to the aluminum chassis.

  • Screen: The screen comes with 1080p AMOLED screen (1080×1920). This offers great viewing and 4k recorded videos also look beautiful for the 5.5 inches screen. Though expected to offer 1440p screen resolution, the difference is hardly visible due to the adaptive AMOLED screen of OnePlus5. The screen is made of corning Gorilla Glass 3. This prevents the worry of smudge marks on screen and ensures durability. The screen is not bezel-less, as is being seen in the likes of Samsung and Apple’s higher-end phones, but that does not mar it of the capabilities that it offers.

  • Camera: This is one of the key features that the company focused on during its promotions. The phone features two cameras at the back side, and one at the front (16mp). One is the primary camera with 16 megapixel resolution and aperture f/1.7, and the other camera being of 20 megapixel resolution and higher aperture (f/2.6). The company claims that this feature enables the phone to click better pictures with less noise, both in daylight and night conditions. Videos can be shot in 4k and 1080p quality from the back camera, and 720p from the front camera.

  • Software: The phone is powered by OnePlus’s own custom Android ROM called the “OxygenOS”. The beauty about this OS is that it offers the near stock features of the Android used by Google on its phone, and additionally offers customizing options for making your display suit your preferences. For developers, the OS offers customizing options in ROM to enhance development in the phone system architecture and, of course, test their apps.

  • Hardware: Like every time, the company focuses more on performance rather than build. This time, the company brings the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa-core processor to power OnePlus5. Graphics are handled by the Adreno540 GPU. These specs in combination with the 1080p display provide you a very smooth video and gaming experience. There is no possible lag while working on multiple applications and power is efficiently consumed to give you longer battery life. The company offers two RAM variants of the phone, 64GB and 128 GB.

  • Battery:  With a built- in casing of 3300mAh Li-ion battery, the phone provides a standing battery life of  18-20 hours. The plus point of the battery is that the phone’s hardware and software capabilities prevent excessive drainage of battery. Optimizing the battery usage by apps in the background, the battery lasts longer even after excessive usage.  And thanks to the DashCharge charging provided, charging the phone for a day’s use is hardly a task of minutes. Just plug your phone, and 30 minutes later your phone is juiced up completely!!

  • Price: The US pricing for the Slate Gray edition (64GB storage / 6GB RAM) is at $479 (Rs 31000), with the Midnight Black version (128GB storage / 8GB RAM) priced slightly higher at $539( Rs. 35000). In India, the price may be bumped up a little, with the Midnight Black edition costing for about Rs. 38,000. The early-bird sales started today itself, with the general sales beginning on 27th June 2017.


For the fans of OnePlus, this is a never miss opportunity. and for others, here is your chance to test out the true “User-friendly” phone. For the ones that “Never Settle”, the ones that love to explore, the ones who are always searching for something new, something that amazes them, this phone’s meant for you!!

Are you the one??

Go find out!!


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