Dear misfits,

How often does it happen that you feel like you don’t belong? Do you feel like you’ve been carrying the burden of things you never wanted to do? Do you feel like you’re slowly and painfully losing your cohesion and strength and transforming into a person you never wanted to become? Do you think it’s necessary? You perceive yourself to be stuck up in the pandemonium of the world but yet, you feel like it’s imperitive that you fit in like a perfect piece. But you know you’re different inside. You feel disorientated and muddled. Like all your colours are mixing up to form a colour that has no name. You feel enraged, angry and upset by the ways of the world but you don’t speak up. You feel tangled in your own doubts and wonder. You’ve created these complications on your own, for your own.

There’s a little fire inside you that’s looking to find its way out. That’s looking to be recognised as it is. You don’t agree with most things that are happening around you. You hate it like you hate being perceived as indifferent. You sometimes feel like you need to dress a certain way, look a ceratin way, know certain things, and be somebody else. And you think it’s necessary. You don’t want to end up alone but you don’t want to make a lot of friends. When you look at a person you can’t help but look through them. You want to find out about their reasons, faiths, beliefs and question them. You don’t have confidence in yourself. You wish you were as amiable and easy as everyone else is.

But why do you want to do that? Why would you want to give up your exhilarating uniqueness to be like everyone else? I’m not a didactic preacher of self-love or hope but just a concerned individual who wants to let you know that it’s okay to feel different and it’s okay to be different. Your unconventional and atypical approach makes you special. You don’t have to live in the constant consciousness of trying to become someone you’re not. You’d find great companionship within yourself once you stop pleasing everyone else and start accepting yourself. Please don’t trade your beauty and intricacy for a mundane humdrum existence.

Love and hope
A misfit.