Processed Material:  Magnetite Ore

Mine Method:   Surface

Product Size:   0-10,10-50mm

Work Time:   10h

Ore Density:   2.6t/m³

Capacity:   4500t/d

Grade:   53.8%

The evaluation by customer: Because of our high requirements for final particule granularity, I have followed the views of LIMING engineer with a two-stage crushing - a PE Jaw Crusher for primary crushing and two Hydraulic Cone Crusher HST160 for secondary crushing. Quite stable performance, also the production makes me satisfied. To my most pleasant surprise, the intelligent operation of machine has saved me a lot of time and also costs.


Thank you for your interest in LM Heavy Industry. If you want to learn more about our Crushers and Industrial grinding mills, Contact us Now to find out what we can do for you next project !

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