Employers look for certain qualities while hiring new people in their company. Here is a list of 10 qualities which will increase your chances of getting hired.

Communication skills – One needs to have a command over his language and an ability to communicate well in order to get hired. Those who can speak fluently have a better chance of bagging good jobs. Be short, clear and polite while talking to your boss or prospective employer. Both verbal and written communication skills make a huge difference to your interview.

Leadership – The ability to take initiative and responsibility always impresses employers. It is an asset a very few people have and the one most sought after in an employee. Those who have leadership skill and show initiative in work land good and suitable jobs.

Confidence – Employers like confident workers who can speak for themselves and can confidently handle all kinds of challenges. Confidence is a trait that an employee must have in order to get hired. It makes the employer understand that if hired, the new employee will  be an asset to the organisation.

Team Oriented – It is important to be a team person. Employers look for people who can work effectively in situations that require the cooperation of others, clearly fit into the confines of the firm’s corporate culture and bring dynamism to meetings that welcomes debate and, ultimately, solves problems.

Goal Oriented – The people who are focused and goal oriented are always preferred over those who do not have an idea about what they want to do in life. Employers look for employees who always escalate their goals and keep on working harder and harder to work for it.


Hard Working – Hard work is a trait which cannot be compromised upon. Though everyone is driven by monetary gain, those who love their work and are passionate about it tend to work out of love for the job along with monetary gain. These are the gems of the organisation.

Hard at work in business, reading a book

Creative – Creativity is always appreciated in an employees. It generates new ideas and companies thrive on innovation. Those who seem to be creative and formulate new ideas and plans to do the old task in a better way are always welcome in organisations.