How badly do we anticipate the glorious life of college. Our blind credence on the doctrines of Bollywood has forced us into believing that college is THE place to be at. Fun road trips with friends, crazy nights at the club and all the freedom we ever wished for during school. Our sheltered selves cannot believe the vastness of options and situations that are laid in front of us to discover. We all have our moments of an uncanny bewilderment, a strange perplexity while we are still coming to terms with the reality. After a year at college and a lot of indecision, confusion and introspection, here is a list of five things I wish I knew before college.

1. You don’t have to fit in.
First day of college is like you’ve entered this alternate universe. You see all these magical creatures surrounding you. Intimidating personalities and spirited environment. The first question that pops in your head is ‘how am I gonna fit in?’ Well, guess what? You don’t have to. You’re your own person and you don’t need to change yourself to appear more enchanting. Your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are as important as anyone else’s.

2. Your life doesn’t change.
While college is a place where you are introduced to various new or rather challenging situations, your life does not change as dramatically as you might believe it will. College does provide you with stimulating environment that may tamper with your disposition and opportunities to triumph but it depends on what you chose to do with them. You might change your wardrobe or colour your hair but you’re going to be the same person in your essence.

3. Individualism.
If you believe that your relationships are going to be the same with everyone around you then you’re living in a dream. College is where you explore and discover, not only your career options but also, yourself. In this process, you realise that the world and its people aren’t as nice and acceptable as they seemed to be in 11th grade. You’re treated as a reliable adult and you’re expected to be responsible for your own self. Suddenly, the fostered child in you is exposed to the realities of life and you realise that you have to be the Captain of your own Ship.

4. It’s okay to be disappointed.
College life is going to be a journey. And like all journeys, this one also comes with it’s bumps and bruises. From not getting into any society to scoring less than you used to in school, you’re going to see it all. You might have to face gut wrenching situations or make heartbreaking decisions. You’re are going to be disappointed in how things turned out in your personal or professional lives. The important part is to know that it’s okay to be disappointed. It’s okay to feel broken. What matters is how you get back up and move on.

5. It’s not the end of the world.
Every hitch and hurdle during college makes you feel so futile and worthless. You feel like you’re wasting your time. You feel like you’re incapable of having a successful career or pragmatic relationships. All the confusion and indecision makes you feel like you’re good for nothing scoundrel. It just makes you want to give up and go into hibernation. What should pull you out of this feeling is hope and faith. You might feel like this is the end of the world but it isn’t. You’re something pretty important. You’re meant to do great things and live happily. Don’t give in just yet. Have faith and everything shall fall into place eventually.

Hope this helps!